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  • Undress Your Heart {Poem} |
    Inspired Poem

    Undress Your Heart {Poem}

    undress your heart undress your heart.  slowly, softly. gently.  for under it, lies beauty. undress your heart. know that your heart is fragile and the undressing might hurt. under your heart…

  • Journal

    Learning To Favour Vulnerability And Surrender

    The concept of vulnerability is a touchy one. Many times it is snuggled comparatively alongside words like ‘exposed’ and ’embarrassed’, leading us to think that being vulnerable automatically opens us up…

  • Honest

    Vulnerability, What A Beautifully Hard Thing

    Vulnerability. I cringe. You know what’s ironic? I have this overwhelming desire to saturate its presence into every corner of my life too. I dream of making vulnerability a close, close…