Why Taylor Morrison Is Building Businesses With Joy

Hi Taylor! Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Taylor Morrison. I’m a twenty-something who married her high school sweetheart last July. I…

Why Taylor Morrison Is Building Businesses With Joy | thefreewoman.com

Hi Taylor! Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Taylor Morrison. I’m a twenty-something who married her high school sweetheart last July. I work a full-time job in employee engagement at a tech startup, and I also own two businesses of my own. Jubilant is my brand strategy and business coaching firm, and Emancipation is my online shop. When I’m not working, I’m writing, listening to podcasts, or taking a warm bath.


You recently launched Emancipation – a business that designs and curates products for the busy woman with a simple aesthetic . How did that idea come and what gets you most excited about its future development?

I’ve always wanted to build a lifestyle brand, and, until recently, I’ve shied away from that desire. My husband actually encouraged me to move forward with Emancipation. That little bit of permission was all that I needed. After my conversation with him, I got to work designing t-shirts, and I had the first iteration of the site up the following day! The brand started with t-shirts and curated items related to self-care.

Since then, I’ve gotten much clearer on the mission and vision of the brand. I want Emancipation to be a driving force behind a revolution of women living a simpler, freer, and more conscious lifestyle. There’s a core collection of products, and each season we release a limited edition ritual of goods to further your self-care practice for the coming months. Most of the items are designed and crafted by me. It’s truly a labor of love, and the whole creative process has become a release for me.

Why Taylor Morrison Is Building Businesses With Joy | thefreewoman.com

A lot of brands these days now give a percent of their profit back to charities and organisations. Why was it important for you that Emancipation does this?

It was a no-brainer to me, especially as someone who is not depending on this business to be their sole source of income. I am constantly reminded of how much I have, and I’m always challenging myself be more generous. This was a simple way for me to do that.


As someone who’s started and is building two businesses, what are some core values that you live by in both life and business?

One of my core business values is joy. That’s why my first business is named Jubilant. Running a business doesn’t have to be all about hustle, exhaustion and sacrifice; there should be joy in the process. Most people don’t get the satisfaction of seeing something they’ve built grow.  Even when it’s hard, I remind myself to be grateful to be experiencing this unique set of problems.

Community has been a constant theme in my entrepreneurship journey. I surround myself with people who are also using their gifts to create incredible work. There is so much beauty in supporting and being supported by others who “get it.”

I’m sure that there are many more values that I could list, but I’ll end with the value of grace. I can be really hard on myself. I’ve learned to build grace into all of my goals. I’ve also given myself the grace to say no to what I thought I wanted so that I can pivot into a new direction.

Is there anything you wish you knew before taking the business owner route?

I wish I knew how much people wanted to support me. For the longest time, I was afraid to tell people what I was working on because it wasn’t 100% perfect. With Emancipation, I started letting people in earlier on, and it’s been the biggest blessing.


Freedom is a big part of your life and passions. What does freedom and being a free woman mean to you?

To me, freedom is the ability to live the fullest expression of yourself. As a woman, and as a black woman, there are so many limits placed on me. Part of my life’s work is to throw off those limitations so that I can be all of who I was created to be.

Why Taylor Morrison Is Building Businesses With Joy | thefreewoman.com

Who do you look to as an example and what qualities do you admire in others?

I really admire Zim Ugochukwu. She founded Travel Noire. She has a sharp business mind and a kind heart. Zim doesn’t allow what others may think of her to sway her decisions. More generally, I admire people who are vulnerable, who are willing to try the craziest of ideas, and who make everyone feel welcome.


You’re chatting over coffee with a feminine heart, what gem of wisdom would you share with her?

Listen to your body, friend. There is probably something it is trying to tell you at this very moment, and you haven’t taken the time to listen. Rest when it tells you to rest. Breathe when it tells you to breathe. Nourish it. Love it. Delight in it. It’s the only one you have.

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Taylor Morrison is a creative, communicator, and a change agent. She runs employee engagement at a startup by day, a brand strategy firm and an online shop by night, advocates for water and sanitation health in her spare time, and writes every moment in between.

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