To Be Enough

photo-1421999430108-bcb78bd726ceI am on a journey toward figuring out who exactly I am.

Often I think that I am too much.

I am too much sunshine,

Too much energy,

Too much sap,

Too much love,

Too much give.

Too, too much.

Yet simultaneously I am too little.

I am too little spark,

Too little care,

Too little beauty,

Too little ability,

Too little faith.

Too, too little.

I am learning to be enough.

I can only be who I am, today;

For each day is new,

With its own pain, joy, grief, love.

I am learning to be enough.

I have to trust the process,

To see beauty in mistakes,

Though these are not mistakes at all.

I am learning to be enough,

I am enough, I am enough.

I am whole.

– image credit: Mariona Campmany

Author: Carly Bell

Carly is a twenty-something Los Angeles native who is learning to live a whole life: one filled with both the ups and downs that come with being a living, breathing human being. Her perfect day would be spent at the beach with a delicious latte in hand, writing poetry and laughing with friends. She is passionate about people, encouraging both them and herself to live by a standard of grace rather than perfection.

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