To The Mother’s In Our Lives

To The Mother’s In Our Lives, Thank you. For all the seen and unseen sacrifices you’ve made. For holding our hand and extending grace. For…

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To The Mother’s In Our Lives,

Thank you.

For all the seen and unseen sacrifices you’ve made. For holding our hand and extending grace. For your example in love and family. For showing us what it means to truly believe, in someone, in us.

The way you love your generations gives hope and depth to what ‘family’ means. The way you make a house a home, and have made yourself our home, has shown just how rich and selfless a person’s soul can be be.

Thank you for not biting your lip in encouraging the beauty you can see embedded within us. And thank you for always providing a guiding hand throughout the desperate and successful seasons – your hand isn’t firmly placed on our back, but is from a slight distance allowing us to discern opportunities and make our own decisions.

At times it may not show, but you have impacted us indelibly. One day we hope to embody qualities of the woman you live to be.

Thank you, and love you to bits


PS: We asked some of our TFW contributors 1) what is something your mother has taught you? and 2) what qualities of hers do you hope to embody? Join the conversation by commenting below – we would love to hear.


+ What is something your mother has taught you? +

“Mum taught me love. She is a constant stream of love, courage and understanding. I’m always flooded by it in her presence.” – Jess Moody

“My mom has taught me so much more than I could ever count; she’s demonstrated the importance of strength, all the while flourishing with the gentle kindness of a mother.  Above all else, she’s taught me the value of family. From a young age we were raised on the importance of our families, and through countless birthdays, celebrations, christmases, loses, we were always there for one another, which only reaffirmed the value that we had placed on one another.” – Kaihla Tonai

“Smiling in the face of adversity. She’s always got a smile on her face and is ready to face the day no matter what. Even on the worst of days she picks herself up and is always waiting to give us a big cuddle and shower us with kisses.” – Marina Solomon

“To try things and to be curious. Whether it’s travel, a new idea, or a new hobby… just to begin and see where it goes.” – Sarah Dolislager

“The blessings from her hard work isn’t just going to be reaped by one generation. When she moved to Australia she didn’t move for herself, she moved for her future kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren etc. My mama thought big vision even though she came from a small mountain town. She made a life sacrifice that has blessed me and will bless my kids, their kids  and so on.” – Abegail Mazo

“Patience in an impatient world. (And) vulnerability in emotions in a beautiful thing.” – Sara Dreier


+ What qualities of hers do you hope to embody for the generations? +

“Her fierce loyalty and her servant heart. She gives so much of herself that I discover remnants of her everywhere. I cherish them.” – Jess Moody

“Her incredible genes which allow her to never look a day over thirty-five; I hope I’ve inherited those. In all seriousness, my mom has the most loving heart. When I was little, she was the mom that would get down on her hands and knees to play while other mom’s stood chatting in a corner, not caring for a second if she looked ridiculous. She raised me as a single mother for a good portion of my life. She gave me the freedom to discover and explore (no matter how mismatched my outfits were), never pressuring me to be something I wasn’t – always encouraging”. – Sara Dreier

“To be selfless and gracious at all times. She never thinks twice about giving a helping hand.” – Marina Solomon

“Her love for family and tradition and keeping that sacred. The way we prepare Christmas treats months in advance or visit elderly people who’s children are far away or looking after people who have just entered the country, all these things aren’t necessarily things to do with our ‘immediate family’ but she branches out to other like they were her own.” – Tanisha Daniel

“Her sense of adventure and interest in things. Her strength and independence.” – Sarah Dolislager

“The strength that she has always carried. She has always been the rock that our family has leaned onto – whether we’ve realized it or not – and I can only wish to be able to share such a characteristic with my own little family in the future.” – Kaihla Tonai

“Love. Love in all its forms – I know when my mama is angry at me, disappointed in me, frustrated with me, heart broken for me. All these things and yet I will always know that she will love me through each one of those. There will not be a day (or ever has been) where I doubt if my mum loves me. This is my mums greatest weapon because I’ve seen it break through all kind of barriers. This is how I want to love people and my children one day.” – Abegail Mazo

– graphic by: Lacey Yeomans

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