Tyla Howard On Building A Global Community Of Lionhearted Women

Welcome, Tyla! First off, share a bit about yourself. Hi! I’m Tyla! Before I totally bore you with what I do, you need to know…

Welcome, Tyla! First off, share a bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Tyla! Before I totally bore you with what I do, you need to know 3 things: 1) puppies are my love language, 2) dance parties in my car at the traffic lights are my jam, and 3) I am completely and utterly obsessed with my online women’s community, She The Roar. When I’m not pouring my heart and soul into She The Roar, I am giving my 50kg (110lbs) pooch of pure love, Reggie, a cuddle, and working on my side-hustle: educating entrepreneurs in social media strategies.

Currently, I work at my local church two days a week doing the design and social media, whilst juggling the rest! As I am a recovering workaholic, my amazing boyfriend keeps my mind sane with constantly reminding me to prioritise rest over hustle, and keeping Jesus at the centre of it all.


Been following your journey for a while now – even pre-She The Roar rebrand days. What inspired the birth of She The Roar and keeps you going in building it?

Whew, it’s been a whirlwind hasn’t it? Ha!

I created She The Roar out of a desire to bring women from all corners of the globe together. But not only that… to encourage, cheer, and inspire one another to love fiercely, champion God’s purpose, and make Jesus famous. Even through seasons of little growth, momentum, and motivation (they happen people!), the purpose for She The Roar fuels my passion. Hearing of women giving their life to God after entering the She The Roar community, and hearing of the amazing miracles that happen after praying together is what keeps me going!

"To be lionhearted means to be brave, bold, courageous – daring, even." - Tyla Howard | thefreewoman.com

What does it mean to be a ‘lionhearted woman’?

To be lionhearted means to be brave, bold, courageous – daring, even. You have the grit and substance to love fiercely in the midst of hate, have zero tolerance for the toxins of this world, roar against injustice; and fervently, tenderly, and purely pursue Jesus and His purpose.


In a time where people can get hung up on algorithm changes etc. on Instagram, She The Roar’s engagement and growth continues to explode. What do you think it is about this movement that resonates with women so much, and I guess, doesn’t take a massive hit like other accounts do?

God. Wholeheartedly pursuing God before writing every caption, and making sure every Instagram story has, I believe, bathed She The Roar in His favour.

I think women are drawn to the idea of embodying the gentle boldness and confidence that She The Roar encourages. I believe that inside every woman is the cry to be who she was created to be: a lionhearted woman. I think this is what draws women to She The Roar… and why my obsession with the community is ever growing!

I am the biggest social media nerd you will ever meet (hence why I’ve created a business in helping people with it haha!).

Social media can be a breeding ground for comparison. Are there any particular truths you remind yourself of or self-care routines you put in place to combat this?

For me, I’ve called comparison out for what it is: a defense mechanism of the enemy. Satan is so fearful of what God’s daughters can do when they are unapologetically themselves that he uses comparison as the bait for corruption of the soul. I’ve recognised that the enemy is sneaky, and it is WAY too easy to get caught in his trap. I’ve realised that the girl who’s acing life/business/whatever is not my enemy… she’s on my team!

Practically, how I combat comparison is by: speaking life over them, relentlessly cheering them on, offering help, and above all, praying for them. I’ve found that the enemy gets fed up with this real quick. Haha!


Is there a daily discipline you’ve implemented that helps you grow as a person?

Spending time with Jesus first thing in the morning, and dedicating each day to Him!

Another daily discipline that I’m trying to implement is exercise. I’ve got a long road ahead of me, and boy do I suck with self control sometimes haha! But I’m on my way to making it a daily discipline.

"I’ve realised that the girl who’s acing life/business/whatever is not my enemy… she’s on my team!" - Tyla Howard | thefreewoman.com

Who do you look to as an example and what qualities do you admire in others?

OMG. I would be here all day if I answered this question properly. Haha! There are just so many people that constantly inspire and motivate me! To name a few: Jenna Kutcher, Lisa Bevere, Mariah McManus, Tess Guinery, and my Mum!

Each of these women have unique qualities that I am just in awe of, but 1) they all love Jesus, 2) they all make Him known using their individual influence in individual ways, and 3) each of them are the perfect combo of gentle and fierce.


What does being a free woman mean to you?

WOW! What a question. Galatians 5.13 comes to mind — “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge in sin; rather, serve one another humbly in love.” Freedom equals service. A free woman shows up just as she is, and serves others to the best of her ability. She recognises she has been set free to give freely. She freely offers peace, love, joy, kindness, and honour to everyone she encounters.

If you were sitting down having coffee with a fellow feminine heart, what gem of wisdom would you impart to her?

Sorry – my answer is no eloquent one-liner, or polished Pinterest quote. It would be simple. I would encourage her to tune into God’s voice and explicitly obey Him! His plans are always good. His heart is always for His daughters. In Him, we live our best lives!

{Quick Questions}

QUOTE YOU LIVE BY | “Make Jesus famous.”

SONG ON REPEAT | Totally random, but I always jam to Fly by June Marieezy (you have to listen to the FKJ remix version!!!).

FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION | Back to my motherland – Zimbabwe, Africa!

COULD EAT EVERY DAY | I’m the opposite of a creature of habit. I could not have the same food every day. I’m sorry… I know I’m lame haha!

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF? | I love my ability to dream big, and how my passion is to see other people passionate about what they do! My friends literally tease me and tell me to be quiet because I’m kinda overboard in this… haha, but I love that most of the time, my default response to everything is just to encourage.

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