Undress Your Heart {Poem}

Undress Your Heart {Poem} | thefreewoman.com

undress your heart

undress your heart. 

slowly, softly.


for under it, lies beauty.

undress your heart.

know that your heart is fragile

and the undressing might hurt.

under your heart live

the most precious parts of you.

the diamonds and stardust.

undress your heart. 

know that there is beauty in vulnerability. 

undress your heart.

slowly. softly.

gently and boldly. 

watch your light shine.

watch your joy brighten the sky

and turn it into a sea of lights.

+ + +

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– photo credit: gn dim 

Author: Gaby Comprés

Gaby is a teacher from the Dominican Republic. Her hearts beats in poetry, bravery and encouragement, and she likes to think of herself as your very own personal cheerleader. Follow her work on Instagram @gabywrites and pick up her latest book, 'The Words I Want You To Keep' here.

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