Emily Dean & Verity Varee are Redefining Beautiful

First of all, tell us a little about yourself:  Well, I am a wife and mama. I have a little four month old who I…


First of all, tell us a little about yourself: 

Well, I am a wife and mama. I have a little four month old who I love with all my heart and the best husband this side of the planet. (Seriously, he’s my best friend and favorite person, you have to meet him.) I am in a band with my husband, Emy&Ethan, and he owns a recording studio, so music is a huge part of our day to day. My favorite places are between the pages of a journal, cuddled up with my husband, or on the set of our latest artistic endeavor. I have an unashamed love affair with glitter, coffee, and all things sweet. I crave adventure and going outside of my comfort zone. Those are the first things that come to mind!

With a background in modelling, you recently founded Verity Vareé, a company for women by women that is redefining what beautiful means. The concept of women being the creator and star of their own story and shoot is stunning and rare in the industry. Why does Vv place value on empowering the women with both aspects of the process?

Thank you. We place value on both the woman as she came (no makeup, hair, or wardrobe styling) and on her “styled self” because both are valuable. I love that so many companies are saying, “beauty is on the inside” because it is absolutely true, however, many of them stop there, or even use subliminal messaging to downplay outer beauty. That is where we disagree. I and every team member here at Vv believe and recognize that inner and outer beauty are both important and valuable. A woman craves outer beauty because she is, we just live in an unfortunate time and culture where there is too much emphasis on it. I disagree that our response, then is to throw the baby out with the bath water and say, “Just focus on the inside!” Our message is that you, your style, and your story is ‘beauty’. It’s the whole package.





What is your favourite Vv memory to date? 

We had a dinner with some of the members of the Vv team over Christmas and it was absolutely delicious. The food, the conversation, the decor, the atmosphere was all too scrumptious for words. I think it was the first time any of us turned around to have a look at what we’d accomplished. It was the first celebration of our company and the truth we stand for. I wish you’d been there! Cozy, warm, and delightful.


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We absolutely love how Vv values beauty as the whole package; the inside and outside. How can we learn to embrace, love and value our whole beauty package?

I’m no expert. This company was created out of my own need for the truth about beauty. That being said, look at the ads and fashion industry as something to glean from, not compare yourself to. It’s art, not a measuring stick for your worth. Don’t believe it, no matter how hard the media tries to sell it to you. Second, learn to appreciate things about yourself that you’ve never seen before. Talk to yourself like you might a friend. Third, take care of yourself. You have value. Find a lipgloss that compliments you, eat good food that nourishes your body, eat junk that nourishes your soul, go for a run because it’s invigorating, or cozy up with a latte and journal. I think for many women you will start to discover who you are through someone else’s eyes when you do these things. You will start to see through the eyes of someone who values you more than you ever thought possible.


Also, where does the unique name come from?

Verity means “truth.” Vareé, my middle name means “to strike.” We are “striking truth” with every story we tell. Our goal is to reveal the truth about beauty one woman at a time.

Looking back, what advice would you give your 16-year old self? 

I would give her a huge hug and tell her she is enough.

And, our traditional must-ask question, if you could sit down with any feminine heart over a cup of coffee and conversation, who would it be and why?

Honestly, my mom. Because she’s the one person I’ve seen act out in the ugliest ways, then grow in the most beautiful ways. She never ceases to amaze me. My mom… I might do that this week!

For more about Vv, check out their website and Instagram @officialverityvaree

Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8) LaRue Photography; 4) Jewel Peach Photography; 6, 7) Anna Clair Photography

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