We’re Not Built For Perfection

We're Not Built For Perfection | The Free Woman

We’re the generation of go-getters, dream makers, and risk takers. We’re going 1000 miles an hour as if we have something to prove to those before us. We move as if we’re trying to show them that we can be better than they were; not only can we can meet their expectations of us but we can surpass them too.

But what’s the cost of doing all that? Are we really gaining anything significant or are we just putting our health, peace of mind, and sanity in jeopardy?

As I prepared for a few days abroad in the Philippines, I was all of a sudden inundated by a long list of things to do:

Tie up loose ends at work.
Have a catch up with a few old friends.
Finish a project
Clean up my room
Do laundry
Go to the bank

The list really did go on.

Five days before I left and it felt like I was in way over my head. I asked myself:

“How am I going to complete all these things in five days and still have time to pack? With everything going on, what’s the worst that could happen if some of my list remained unfinished?”

But then I actually thought about it – what is the worst that could happen to us if we don’t finish our lists?

Five days before I left and that question was stuck in my mind like a bad song. Normally, I’m not one to encourage such behavior but I began to think about all the worst case scenarios and how they would effect me, and you know what? Turns out that none of them ended in me being any less of a strong, capable, determined person.

The same goes to all of you who haven’t been able to tick off all the items on your list. Don’t think of yourself as any less if you have to bow out for a while.

It’s okay to not live up to everyone’s expectations because you are not a machine.

It’s not considered a sign of weakness if you decide to take a rest. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

It takes tremendous courage to admit you are human and you are prone to mistakes.

Examine the moment you’re in, take time to think about the worst case scenario but don’t dwell on it or be fueled by it. Instead, use that time to rest assured in your capabilities and to simply rest. Excitement for the future will get you further than regret of the present or past ever will.

Hustle hard but don’t forget to rest hard too.

 – image credit: Teniola Komolafe

Author: Teniola Komolafe

Teniola, but call her Teni for short, is a blogger, creative and freelance photographer who now calls Sydney, Australia home. Not only does she like sharing her story online but she enjoy's hearing one face to face. You can often find her streaming YouTube for tear-jerkers or knee slappers and spending time in the company of family and friends.

  • This is such a timely reminder. Before I leave in less than two weeks, I have lists everywhere! Thank you x

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