What They’re Saying

_MG_0297The Free Woman is growing up in a beautiful way, along with its reach and influence. Below are just a small handful of the multitudes of stories from women who have resonated with or are being impacted by this community. We know there’s many more stories out there and would be honoured to hear yours. You can send yours to hello {at} thefreewoman {dot} com.


– Rachael Homcy, Founder of Thryve Magazine –

The Free Woman is a radical movement that challenges and inspires women to be strong, bold, lovely and free. This magazine is honest and touches on the areas of our lives that actually matter. It highlights and builds upon our unique beauty instead of trying to create someone entirely different. It inspires us to be the women we were created to be with bravery and vibrancy. I truly love how The Free Woman celebrates what lies within us and empowers us to use it to create positive change in the world around us. It’s personal and relevant. It brings awareness to the hidden treasures that are within us. I have been blessed to know TFW’s founder, Bethany, and her heart radiates kindness and passion. This magazine is going to revolutionise our definition of “womanhood” and I am honored and so excited to watch mission continue to unfold.”


– Holly Wooten, Something Lovely – 

“For far too long, emphasis has been placed on a woman’s physical beauty rather than her intelligence, capability, and resilience.  The Free Woman is not only changing that perception, but empowering women worldwide.  Finally, a message I can get behind.”


– Evana Lamb, Hope Defines Her –

The Free Woman has brought such inspiration and direction for me personally, I am truly enamoured by the existence of a publication that is written by women for women. The Free Woman, what a beautiful picture that word brings. Thank you for brining a little beauty into our world.”


– Ansley, Braided Bliss –

“The Free Woman has truly been a breath of fresh air! I’m always drawn to its optimistic nature and encouraging atmosphere…It’s a beautiful thing when women can come together to create a brighter world. There can never be an excess of love and light and I believe The Free Woman is exactly the right platform to bring these qualities into our every day lives.”

– top image credit: Art & Anthem