With Wild Courage {Poem}

With Wild Courage {Poem} | thefreewoman.com

‘with wild courage’

I am not your words,

I am my own.

I am writing a story of grace and fire,

hope rising.

I am a flower,

I am a tree, rooted in my worth,

and I do not bend when the rains come,

I don’t bow to the wind.

I stand,

tall and graceful,

with wild courage.

+ + +

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– photo credit: Suhyeon Choi

Author: Gaby Comprés

Gaby is a teacher from the Dominican Republic. Her hearts beats in poetry, bravery and encouragement, and she likes to think of herself as your very own personal cheerleader. Follow her work on Instagram @gabywrites and pick up her latest book, 'The Words I Want You To Keep' here.