You’re Only Human

brianacarrionlifetales_0462I have a friend who always says the sweetest thing when someone runs late, makes a mistake or when life comes in the way of plans. “You’re only human,” she says with the sweetest and most forgiving voice. Although I am still left feeling guilty for whatever mistake I’ve done (that’s how it should be, right?), a weight is lifted off my shoulders every time I hear and think of this.

I am only human.

We’re only human.

We’re not superwomen. We’re not meant to understand it all and have it all figured out. We’re not meant to do everything right.

We’re born with the ability to make our own choices, but we’re not born to be perfect. We will fail ourselves, and others, over and over. We’ll do a whole lot of stupid things during our lives, both as curious young adults and as wise old ladies. We will never escape the fact that we’re never going to be the dictionary’s definition of perfect.

But by accepting and embracing our mistakes and imperfections, we can grow. By practicing the beautiful act of forgiveness, we can be mature and show that we are wise enough to take responsibility for our own actions. Find comfort in the power of grace and free yourself from the idea that we need to fit a certain mold of perfection.

Grace tells us that though we are flawed, we are cherished. That instead of letting our mistakes serve shame, we will let them serve a greater purpose. Grace says that we’re not only beautifully imperfect, we are also amazingly exceptional, even when we do wrong.

Hold yourself to a standard of grace, not perfection.

You’re only human. A marvellous, amazing, imperfectly perfect one.

– image by: Briana Carrion

Author: Briana Carrion

Briana is a free spirited photographer and artist from the cold north. Not only is she bitten by the wanderlust bug, she is also a quote addict, a sucker for deep conversations and a self proclaimed romanticist. If you wanna talk dreams, she's your go to person. Read her blog, Briana.